The Airship Suite

Highly secure and infinitely scalable video, data, and sensor management platform that operates wherever and however you do.

Airship’s video, data and sensor management platform

Airship Acropolis OS

High‐performance IP and analog video surveillance — in a single, integrated framework.

Surveillance is a complex system of applications, equipment, permissions and data that requires various access levels across multiple departments. Airship Acropolis is a powerful web application that enables your System Administrator to centrally manage servers, cameras, components and users from one screen. Consolidating your surveillance and IT saves you time and reduces your costs.

Deploy a specialized edition of Airship Acropolis for work in law enforcement. Though not limited to law enforcement use, this robust platform has been specifically engineered to meet law enforcement needs, with a tailored workflow for preserving evidence, advanced auditing capabilities, virtualized server instances, and individualized cases for adaptive compartmentalization of sensitive data and video.

Whether yours is a local, nationwide or worldwide deployment, Airship Acropolis can scale to meet your needs. Automated replication in multiple Airship Acropolis will keep your system operating efficiently, even when facing challenging geographic or internet connectivity conditions. With inherent abilities for very large installations, regional replication of EMS services in a WAN environment is easy and effective.

Airship Acropolis includes Enterprise Management System (EMS), Evidence Discovery System (EDS), Evidence Archive Server (EAS) and Health Monitoring Server (HMS)

Product Features

  • Engine that Manages Entire Airship Software Ecosystem
  • Scales from Ten To Tens-of-Thousands of Cameras and Sensors
  • System‐wide dashboard reporting of current cameras being recorded, storage utilized, use statistics, license usage, and more
  • Failover capabilities and control for: EMS servers, recording servers, and cases (if fitted with Airship Case Management)
  • Management Console for Video Archiving and Failover Events
  • Manage Licenses, Users, Groups and Permissions Across System
  • Wizard-Based Interface that is Highly Intuitive and Easy-to-Use
  • Provides Audit Log Reports for All Primary Activities on System
  • Cyber security Compliance SSL and IPSec capable: FIPS 140‐2, NIST 800-53, and DHS 4300A Sensitive Systems Handbook Compliant
  • Manage and collect evidence in Airship’s secure Evidence Discovery System (EDS)
  • Long-term storage options available through Airship Archiver Server onto tape, CD‐DVD, Blu‐Ray and other video transfer methods

Airship Command

A suite of visualization tools allowing users to view data and evidence ingested from the edge (direct from the camera or from Outpost).


Airship Nexus Client is Airship’s full-feature thick client that runs on the Windows Operating System (OS). Nexus Client provides users the ability to view cases with attached devices and sensors that they are authorized for, along with the control capabilities for those devices such as PTZ.

Utilize an advanced mapping interface (ESRI based) to display the locations of cameras and sensors deployed (globally), including both dynamic and static camera and sensors. The Common Operational Picture (COP) allows users to visualize and interact with cameras and sensors directly from the map interface.

Airship Nexus Video Portal is Airship’s thin client application that runs on most common web-based browsers (no download or installation needed). Nexus Video Portal has a similar look and feel to Nexus Client with many of the same viewing and management capabilities, to include command and control of authorized edge devices. Nexus Video Portal allows users to do exports from their web enabled device and download them or share them with other authorized users on the system. Nexus Video Portal also includes a mapping interface showing the locations of static and dynamic edge devices and sensors.

Airship Nexus Mobile is Airship’s mobile platform application that runs on both iOS and Android devices after being downloaded from either platform’s respective application store (this is a no cost download). Like Nexus Video Portal, the same common look and feel exists with a more limited set of features for viewing, managing, and controlling edge devices that the user is authorized to

Airship Command consists of Airship’s thick client (Nexus), thin client (Nexus Video Portal), and mobile clients (Nexus Mobile for IOS and Android).


Product Features

  • Live stream viewing
  • Live mapping with object tracking
  • Archived footage, searchable by specific dates and time
  • Rapid video saves
  • Bookmarking and notetaking
  • Access Control management
  • Metadata retrieval
  • Video exporting
  • View live & recorded video
  • Real-time camera operations (PTZ and drag/center)
  • Access via web browser
  • IOS and Android compatible

Airship Outpost

Airship’s edge offering, consisting of a purpose-built edge appliance supporting overt and covert investigative operations, providing local high-definition recording with user defined low-bit rate video stream encoding, and on-board edge analytic capabilities for advanced object detection and recognition.

Airship Outpost utilizes standard based video codecs to encode and stream the edge-based sensor data back to a centrally managed server which is then stored on Airship server in a proprietary file format. This provides a high level of efficiency (variable bitrates as low as 64Kbps) and security (up to AES-256 with data encrypted at rest and in transit). In addition to edge encoding of the video and metadata, Outpost records the native camera stream at the edge at a user defined recording profile, so that it can be retrieved physically later for evidentiary purposes or remotely pulled through the High Resolution Download (HRDL) feature within Airship’s Client software.

Airship Outpost supports most industry standard cameras via manufacturer and model level drivers, as well as ONVIF compliant cameras (including ONVIF Profile-T), and non-standard cameras or sensors via Generic RTSP / HTTP drivers.

With Outpost Mobile users can, stream live video back to Airship EMS over cell or WiFi using your iOS device’s built-in camera and microphone. Outpost Mobile is a secure, easy-to-use application for iOS that enables your teams to view high quality live audio and video through Nexus Client or Nexus Mobile, or can be routed through a relay server. Use Outpost Mobile to convert your iOS device into a powerful audio/video capture and transmission tool in your VMS strategy.

Product Features

  • Installed with trusted Intel or NVIDIA chipset
  • Windows OS install or installed on Linux OS
  • Model-level integration with leading camera manufacturers
  • Supports standard USB 3.0 External HDD/SSD
  • Up to AES-256 encryption (ITAR Compliant)
  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit
  • ONVIF compatible (including Profile-T)
  • RTSP/HTTP drivers for sensor and non-standard cameras
  • NDAA & TAA Compliant (made in USA)
  • Tailored platform options (Outpost Lite, Outpost, Outpost AI, Outpost Mobile)
  • Single stream and multi-stream options at 1080p
  • Real-time video and audio streaming over low bandwidths (variable bit rates as low as 64kbps)
  • Records native camera stream at the edge that can be retrieved anytime through High Resolution Download (HRDL) in Nexus client
  • Export footage does not require Airship software to review
  • USB Controller for seamless hot-swap capabilities
  • Edge sensor backhaul integrations include mesh radios, cellular modems and satellite terminals
  • Ability to pull edge sensor metadata including GPS positioning which is displayable in Airship’s Live Map
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Compressed audio recording and streaming support with video
  • Ability to modify transcoding settings: frame rate, output resolution, bitrate, and more
  • Facial recognition capable (if added to Acropolis)