Real Time. Actionable. Intelligence.

Our Mission

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) at the edge to help improve public safety and operational efficiency for public sector and commercial customers by providing predictive analysis of events, before they occur, and provide meaningful intelligence to decision makers.

There are significant advantages to edge computing – processing the data as close to the source as possible:

  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced latency
  • Lower costs
  • Greater reliability
  • Reduced bandwidth

Data Is Changing. Structured Edge Sensor Data Is The Future.

Airship’s open software operating platform enables decision makers to assess data from cameras and sensors deployed across the entire digital data domain and act decisively in real-time using data enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Airship Offering:

  • Outpost
  • Acropolis OS
  • Command

Airship Outpost

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Small. Hardened.
AI Driven.
The Edge Solved.

Airship Outpost is a computer vision-enabled hardware and software platform that detects and recognizes patterns at the edge from a variety of sensors and detectors creating real-time, actionable intelligence.

Acropolis OS

Sensor Agnostic.
Analytic Agnostic.
Operating Environment Agnostic.

Airship Acropolis is a purpose-built operating system
to work with third-party and legacy sensors, operating on-premise and or in the cloud, leveraging Airship and third-party analytic capabilities to train, model, and analyze data in real-time.

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Multi-Sensor Data Fusion.
Single Pane Of Glass.

Airship Command is a powerful suite of visualization tools, including thick, thin, and mobile clients, allowing users at any level to visualize data in real-time with advanced data analysis toolsets and capabilities regardless of operational environment and network bandwidth.


One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Tailored software meeting exacting customer workflow requirements by industry vertical

Hardened And Secure Platform

  • Authority To Operate (ATO) on Trusted US Government Managed Network
  • Authority To Operate (ATO) to run in a FedRamp High Cloud environment

Superior Customer Experience

  • “Lens To Server” US based technical support from customer cleared Airship employees

Significant Cost Savings

  • Third-party edge sensor, device, analytic and detector platform agnostic
  • Allows customers to blend Airship with existing infrastructure versus rip-and-replace